“Success is not for cowards!”

An update from the front. My last blog discussed “The Innovators Dilemma”. I have already announced my next blog. Unfortunately you still have to wait, but mid March I hope to surprise you again! Nevertheless, I want you to remember what is happening lately, and what concerns me.

After I struggled with “The Innovator’s Dilemma” in the middle of 2015, I started a completely new initiative. In this context, currently I am very busy to build the contours of my new organization of affiliated companies. The new consultancy boutique Mabs 4.0 is the heart of this organization, the Heksenberg-group. With 10 top colleagues, each with his/her own personal mastery, we have a flying start, and we are again on “war strength”. This size of Mabs 4.0 will remain the same for now, mainly focussing on the execution of fixed-price projects. I can pre-finance these projects with the support of “the Heksenberg-Group”. If needed, also giving hard guarantees. For the staffing of our projects with complete teams we make maximum use of “Staffing-on-Demand”.

In the meantime, I have also invested in a number of start-ups. These start-ups have allready proven their viability. Within our group we now have some very nimble and decisive strong service and customer oriented “autonomous, top-connected and well-networked affiliated companies” which reinforce each other through co-creation. The consultancy experience and power of Mabs 4.0 acts as lubricating oil between all these companies.
Currently, Mabs4.0 is working for 12 customers/companies and is engaged in the execution of more than 30 (fixed price) projects. These projects relate to: strategy & boardroom consultancy (acquisitions), business strategy & information planning (business growth, continuity & transition), online marketing strategy (“the digital company”), big data (data visualization) and delivery-in-control (productivity & quality audits). With such assignments in our portfolio, the Mabs4.0 costs for 2016 are more then covered.

In 2016 we will generate a turnover of 5 to 6 ME with the Heksenberg-group. Our goal for 2020 is to realize a turnover between 25 and 35 ME! The best way to achieve such ambitious goals is to act like you have already realized these goals!We are ready for the future. With vision, creativity, courage and perseverance we have wrested “The Innovator’s Dilemma”.

All this under my motto:
“success is not for cowards!”